Podcast – Jeff’s Carcast on Fulfilling Unfulfilled Dreams


In the late 70’s or early 80’s I had an opportunity to take on something that looked really cool to me but my situation at the time blocked it. I’ve kept that dream alive until this past weekend when I fulfilled an unfulfilled dream. What are your unfulfilled dreams? What are you missed opportunities – in scuba or in life? Do you have the chance to close the loop now? In this short episode I look at how I completed something I started almost 50 years ago. No regrets, just fun.

PODCAST – Jeff on the Goal of Goals

Do you have goals?  In scuba diving? Sports? Work? In this episode Jeff takes a look at goals and goal setting and the process of training to reach those goals. If the point of the goal is just to get there, you run the risk of missing the most amazing parts of life. Listen to the episode, set some goals, and have some fun.

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