I have a deep passion for education and training. In each iteration of my career I have always been driven by an element of training: in the film industry where I spent many years teaching workshops and developed a mentoring program for emerging directors; in scuba, where I created the industry’s first online education program and built a SAS web platform to deliver it; with the Training Cycle, where I train the trainers; at Korn Ferry where I created and managed a library of content for those in career transition, and on the bike, where I coach athletes and introduce cyclists to riding and racing on the velodrome.

During these years I have created online, blended, and in-person training and curriculum in multiple fields. In my scuba company, Unified Team Diving, I created hundreds of multi-language online courses, wrote seven books, edited a magazine, and developed a software engine to deliver it all.

I also have a very fun life. I race a bicycle on the track and on the road, hold a course record at the World 6-Hour Time Trial Championships, hold the age group hour record at the San Diego Velodrome, am a former triathlete, flight instructor, competition aerobatic pilot, and big mountain trekker.


I have had the great fortune to spend a lifetime behind a camera. Starting as a teen working for a newspaper, then on to advertising where I photographed and directed over 1000 commercials, then to feature films taking me to Sundance, Cannes, and scores of other festivals and awards.

I’ve always combined filmmaking with education. For 20 years I taught workshops and classes at the International Film and TV Workshops (now the Maine Media Workshops). I created One On One Film Training, a mentoring program for emerging directors and cinematographers.

Recently I’ve turned to documentaries, including a film that followed a group of Parkinson’s Disease patients to Mt. Everest Base Camp. Click here for more info and the demo reels.


When you need an employee to educate clients or other employees, do you turn to your best employee? Is your best employee your best trainer and communicator?

I train educators in a systematic fashion using tried and true tools and a simple series of protocols. I give any skilled employee the ability to teach the material they know best.

Education is classically defined as changing the behavior of a student. My goal is to provide the tools that prepare an employee to take on the tasks of education.

I have worked with students and teachers in business, the film industry, as a flight instructor, and as a scuba instructor trainer. The Training Cycle Workshop brings this tried and true system of education to you.


Why do we teach? My powerful presentation on a lifelong progression from adventurer to teacher will guide you to dive deeper into the real reasons we teach. Now, more than ever it’s time for everyone to “pay it forward.”

From pilot to flight instructor to mentor; from diver to scuba instructor, to mentor; from filmmaker to instructor to mentor – I bring a lifetime to the microphone. Energizing and driven, I present The Training Cycle – a path from discovery to training to teaching – a path that everyone can follow as they learn the simple steps to “pay it forward” through education.

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“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

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