Scuba Expert Witness

Jeff Seckendorf, scuba expert witness, teaching an Instructor Trainer Workshop on the Philippines.

Jeffrey Seckendorf is available as a scuba expert witness for cases involving procedural issues in the dive industry.

Jeff learned to dive in 1990 in the freezing cold lakes of upstate New York. He then very quickly discovered the joys of warm water diving in the Caribbean. He became a scuba instructor in 2006 and in 2008 built and co-founded the global scuba certification and training agency, Unified Team Diving and in 2020 he purchased the company and renamed it UTD Scuba Diving, LLC. Jeff is  available as a scuba expert witness.

As owner of the agency and manager of the education and instructor training programs, Jeff brings a deep understanding of any certification agency’s Standards and Procedures and how those procedures apply to real-life scenarios. Jeff is an instructor trainer-trainer, teaching current instructors to train new instructors. Jeff has taught instructor training programs in the U.S., Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

With vast experience as an educator and scuba instructor, Jeff provides objective insights and opinions on training standards, instructor compliance to standards, analysis of agency procedural documents, instructor judgement, general dive operations, and any other issues related to scuba training.

Jeff’s areas of expertise in the scuba diving industry include:

  • Scuba Certification and Training Agency Standards
  • Recreational and Technical Diving Standards
  • Recreational and Technical Diving Certification and Training Curriculum
  • Instructor Compliance to Standards
  • Agency Training Procedures
  • Instructor Responsibility and Judgement
  • Divemaster Responsibility and Judgement
  • Instructor and Divemaster Conduct
  • Student Compliance to Training Limits During and After Certification
  • Non-Certification Programs Such As Resort Courses
  • Evaluation of Dive Training Course Materials and Supporting Materials
  • Comparison of Standards of Various Training and Certification Agencies
  • Dive Shop/Dive Center Procedures
  • Diving Procedures for Shore and Vessel

Jeff also has a strong graphic design and filmmaking background, and is an avid endurance athlete, competing in triathlons and bicycle races.

Click here to download Jeff’s Dive CV.