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PODCAST – Take your Creativity and Fitness to New Depths

With Catharina Joubert

Our lives are dominated by two questions: What could I have done differently in the past? What is going to happen in the future? Because these questions make us worry, we forget to live in the present, but not when we’re traveling. Jeff Seckendorf, filmmaker turned scuba dive instructor and entrepreneur, explains what happens to your state of mind when you travel and how physical activity helps you find a like-minded community that transcends cultural barriers, heighten your creativity, and combat neurological challenges and signs of aging.

UTD Scuba Diving Podcast

In scuba diving there is training and there is certification. Certification has always been the holy grail of every scuba course. But at Unified Team Diving we are redefining how scuba training works. Our UTD instructors are coaches and our students are clients and our process is to make you an awesome, badass diver. Join Jeff and UTD Training Director Ben Bos with amazing guests talking all things scuba and fitness.

Health Beat: Parkinson’s

Coach Me Strong co-founder Jeff Seckendorf is interviewed by Benita Zahn of Albany, NY’s WNYT-TV. Created: July 26, 2021

Aging can bring physical challenges. Now compound that with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. A number of programs have been developed to help keep this population moving, including dance and boxing. A new program done virtually has emerged called Coach Me Strong. Here I interview co-creator of the program, Jeff Seckendorf.