Experiencial Training

“Team Building” has been a buzzword in corporate training for decades now. It is generally a good thing. However a strong team building program has to engage the participants, which means they have to have some “skin in the game.”

A highly skilled and specialized scuba instructor, Jeff brings the experience of the Team to the water – an environment where the margin for mistakes is small.

Using the classic learning progression of rote, understanding, application, correlation, Jeff will guide small groups in the water to become powerful teams. Whether your employees have any in-water experience or not, Jeff will push them just beyond their comfort zone while always keeping safety first.

The Goal – Get them to rely on each other while having fun…the same two things they should be doing in the workplace.

The Benefit – Teams unite for the common good, with an understanding that the team is stronger than the simple sum of its parts.

You give your employees an opportunity to build team unity in the water and we will make them into a stronger, more cohesive team.

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