What is it that makes someone a good educator?

When you need an employee to educate other employees, who do you turn to? Your best employee? That may not be the best choice. Just because someone is very good at their job, does not necessarily make them a great communicator or educator.

Education is a craft. It can be taught. Assuming someone has the skill set to teach does a disservice to that person and can potentially create fits for their students.

We train educators in a systematic fashion, using tried and true tools and a simple series of protocols. We give any skilled employee the ability to teach the material they know best.

Education is classically defined as changing the behavior of a student. Our goal is to provide the tools that prepare an employee to take on the tasks of education.

Click below to see Jeff teach a very simple lesson to filmmakers. We start by assuming the students are new to the subject, then use a building block method to guide a student to an understanding of the material, utimately leading to a change in behavior – in this case proper use of color.

Download Jeff’s One Sheet